Truly Essential 

Bridal Shower 

Prep...  friends & Family, great fun too... 

This is one of my favourite parts of the job ..great fun to take part in and doubles up as a pre wedding gathering before the big day.

You invite all your girlie friends including bridesmaids, mother for the bride and grooms mother, provide nibbles and fizz or why not ask friends to bring something to the party.

I will do a make-up demo either for bride/bridesmaid/other, bring a large range of make-up by Mii Cosmetics for your guests to try before they buy. We will hold a brides quiz with a prize for the winner. I will also give professional tips and advice on how to apply wedding or special occasion day make up for all guests.

The bride to be will receive 15% commission of the event takings to spend on her wedding make-up or honeymoon essentials.

Book a month before your wedding ask guest to bring an item of their outfit or photo to colour match.