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September 2015

Hubble Bubble with Beeswax

Hubble Bubble Lip Salve I was brought up gathering wildflowers herbs berries from a very young age usually to make jams, preserves, pies, syrups, Christmas decorations, cards, book marks, the list is endless. Looking for natural remedies has just been a natural step, using essential oils for health, beauty and around the home is just a perfect option to me. I also keep bees, apart from the honey the bees… Read More »Hubble Bubble with Beeswax

The Buzz on Borage Benefits to Bees and Beauty

My friend Susan sent me this wonderful image of a bee collecting pollen from a borage flower in her garden. A very special garden indeed as she owns The Yorkshire Dales Flower Company, personally growing flowers for bridal bouquets and floral displays for any occasion. Inspiration indeed to take a closer look at this very beneficial plant borage (Borago Officinalis) offering beauty benefits to us and vital forage to bees. The… Read More »The Buzz on Borage Benefits to Bees and Beauty