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Truly Essential Tai Chi & Qigong

Images left to right: Wellbeing Tai Chi outdoor session Cliffe Castle Park; Kind permission Rachael Berry Newton Grange Rural Retreat: Parcevall Hall day retreat 2022, Tai Chi for Health qualification group 2019 and Dr Paul Lam and myself Tai chi for Heart & circulation training and qualification Oct 2022..

Tai Chi for Health & Relaxation - Val Preston

Val is a qualified experienced holistic therapist with twenty years experience in the wellbeing industry. With a qualification in individual and group exercise, Val is also a board certified instructor for the Tai chi for Health Institute.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Outdoor & Venue Classes

Classes in Skipton Keighley & Craven

Classes are supportive, social and friendly, we aim to build strength, better balance, improved health, wellbeing and to promote relaxation. 

Please ask your GP/healthcare professional if you have any doubts about joining a class.


Tai Chi for Health classes are Sun style, short form Tai Chi. Developed by Dr Paul Lam and a team of medical and Tai Chi experts.  Easy to learn, great for all abilities with many beneficial attributes for your mind and body.

Book your class or search venue information via the booking button at the top/left of this page.


I offer group workshops in the workplace, to health and wellbeing organisations and to anyone wishing to offer Tai Chi as an insightful experience to a group.

Workshops offer a valuable wellbeing activity, and often inspire gentle exercise and improved health awareness. The aim to provide confidence and experience, enabling individuals to try Tai Chi and join a Tai Chi class or similar activity if they wish to do so.

Presentations & Talks

Fabulous opportunity for charity organisation, community groups, health and wellbeing events. I can tailor the presentation to your needs, with lots of information and a short practical session. 

One to one's

Tai Chi individual coaching zoom class is available on request or would you like to try Tai Chi in your own time and space, I do offer a individual coaching service.

Please contact me with your requirements and for more information.

Try Tai Chi

Start your week well every Monday morning this winter. Improve movement and posture, gain better balance, muscle tone, feel energised and uplifted.

During the winter months I am dedicating this fabulous, community space to beginners and those who would like to give Tai Chi a go. I will be keeping this class small.

  • Small friendly group
  • Free parking
  • Warm accessible indoor space
  • Hard standing outdoors if required on better days
If this time isn’t convenient beginners are welcome at all classes and those students with more experience are also welcome on a Monday.

Find Me At Community Events this Year

Find Val supporting individual and community wellbeing in local green spaces at Cliffe Castle Museum and Park, offering guided wellbeing walks and community Tai Chi for Health sessions to community groups, organizations and businesses. Also supporting individuals, businesses, organisations and groups with their individual wellness programs in the Skipton, Craven and Keighley area.