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Images 1 by kind permission Paula Solloway Photography (SWIFT photoshoot) Phillip Sheridan Discover Tai Chi  (Cliffe Castle Class) Tai Chi for Health qualification group 2019. Video also features Philip and Helen from Discover Tai Chi.

Outdoor Tai Chi Class Updates

Gentle Exercise Relax & Recharge with Truly Essential Tai Chi & Qigong 

To book a class please click on the link at the top of this page

Weekly outdoor Tai Chi for Health Classes to be held in the beautiful park at Cliffe Castle Keighley and Sutton-in-Craven Cricket Club

Initially, places must be pre-booked, with social distancing regulations in place..

To book your place, for covid-19 guidelines and information contact see the booking link at the top of this page.

Tai Chi for Health & Relaxation Online Information

Learn Tai Chi for health in your own home, perfect for all ages and abilities no special equipment needed. Great exercise for indoors with limited space, garden or yard.

Beneficial for improving strength, balance, mobility, perfect for mind and body promotes relaxation, helps to lower stress and anxiety.

Classes are run live on Zoom, just download the app and book online or follow the email link invitation from Truly Essential.

Tuesday & Thursday Zoom at 9am-10am online class £7.00.

For more information links and how to pay please click on the booking link at the top of this page.

Tai Chi & QiGong

Tai Chi for Health classes are Sun style, short form Tai Chi. Developed by Dr Paul Lam and a team of medical and Tai Chi experts.  

Easy to learn, great for all abilities with many beneficial attributes for your mind and body.

I am a Tai Chi for Health Institute certified instructor, with weekly classes at Glusburn Institute, Cliffe Castle at Keighley, Sutton-in-Craven Cricket Club.

Classes in Skipton Keighley & Craven

Due to November lockdown regulations I have no venue classes running at the moment.

Tai Chi for Health Online Zoom classes are available
Monday 10am-11am
Wednesday 4pm-5pm

Sutton Cricket Club Monday 10.30am – 11.30am booking essential limited spaces. Closed

Cliffe Castle Keighley Tuesday 10.30am -11.30am booking essential limited spaces Closed

Glusburn Institute Thursday 10.30 – 11.30am booking essential limited spaces Open from 3rd December

Craven Leisure Skipton Thursday 1.15 – 2.15pm No class due to Covid-19

Classes are supportive, social and friendly, we aim to build strength, better balance, improved health, wellbeing and to promote relaxation. 

Please ask your GP/healthcare professional if you have any doubts about joining a class.


I offer group workshops in the workplace, to health and wellbeing organisations and to anyone wishing to offer Tai Chi as an insightful experience to a group.

Workshops offer a valuable wellbeing activity, and often inspire gentle exercise and improved health awareness. The aim to provide confidence and experience, enabling individuals to join a Tai Chi class or similar activity if they wish to do so.

Workshops range from 

30 min – £35 Tai Chi Zoom class to a small group

1 hr. -.£65 work place/group at a venue


Fabulous opportunity for charity organisation, community groups, health and wellbeing events. I can tailor the presentation to your needs, with lots of information, handouts, and a short practical session. 

Please contact me with your requirements and for more information.

One to one's

Tai Chi individual coaching zoom class 30 min – £30

Would you like to try Tai Chi in your own time and space, I do offer a individual coaching service, prices start at £45.00 per hour.

Anything Else

To find out more see Truly Essential Tai chi & Qigong on Facebook, its a great way to find out what’s new and up to date in my Tai Chi journey. 

Have you got any other Tai Chi ideas or questions you would like to ask, if so please use the contacts form below or email.

Wellness Walks with Tai Chi & Qigong

Keep updated for local wellbeing walks at local venues which will be posted on social media.

We look at the biodiversity of our venue, health and exercise whilst walking in nature. 

A sensory walk with gentle exercise and meditation techniques using Tai Chi & Qigong movements. The aim to encourage and to make the most of our outdoor space, promoting wellbeing and health benefits for all abilities, which we often can gain freely.

Helpful apps to download 

Active 10 NHS (walking health app) and INaturalist (nature identifier) find on google play and apple.

My local community walking in nature with Tai Chi exercises at pause points around Cliffe Castle park went very well. They are a form of gentle exercise for all abilities, the aim to encourage exercise, exploring and enjoyment of nature, wildlife and formal grounds at Cliffe Castle park Keighley. 

I have plans to offer more in the future when current lockdown measures are no longer in place.