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Volunteer Work

Cliffe Castle Support Group

I am a member of Cliffe Castle Support Group. I work with a great bunch of volunteers, we provide and support free community activities and events at Cliffe Castle Park and Museum, Spring Gardens Lane Keighley. Click here to see more CCSG Events & Activities The activities are updated regularly please call back often or like and follow the CCSG Facebook page.  

If you would you like to know more about volunteering, events or would like adding to our latest news letter mail out, my email is I would be happy to answer any questions.

Volunteer time is kindly given however if you would like to donate to support events, eg event costs, material/craft items and prises, donations are always appreciated and kindly received by cash at events, the ccsg bear inside the museum or if you prefer online at PayPal, if you would like to support this way please donate by using PayPal: please choose friends & family. Thank you.

I volunteer because I enjoy the practical outdoor environment, connecting with people, inspiring  nature connection, wild bees, trees and meadows something Cliffe Castle Park has in abundance, see my blog: Nature Therapy here’s where it all began walking for wellbeing.