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August 2019

Focus on Fennel

Sweet Fennel – Foeniculum vulgare What a wonderfully weird plant Fennel is.  It’s feathery delicate foliage adds texture and hight to your herb garden, with tiny yellow flowers in umbrella like clusters. Which create a perfect pillow of nectar to entice pollinators in abundance, especially bees, hornets and hoverfly’s, who love the pollen these little flowers provide. . Culinery Herb Fennel flowers, seeds and leaf are edible, commonly used with… Read More »Focus on Fennel

Truly Essential – August

“Just be yourself, everyone else is taken” Hazy Days and Holidays Maybe not! Holidays yes, but thunder lightening and torrential rain to kick start August. My busiest holiday prep weeks are over so I thought I would offer my clients a summer promotion, this time make-up. Skincare Range My skincare range has been getting great reviews and winning prizes this year. So I thought I would let my clients know… Read More »Truly Essential – August

Why Eve Taylor Skincare

Keeping it Real & Authentic So here I am on a mission, at the Beauty Conference North, Manchester. With a trusted friend, who’s also a qualified beautician, a person who know’s me well. We had a job to do, a decission had to be made. I was looking to purchase a new skincare range; something I could build my business on. I was looking for something professional, affordable, quality with… Read More »Why Eve Taylor Skincare