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Why Eve Taylor Skincare

Keeping it Real & Authentic

So here I am on a mission, at the Beauty Conference North, Manchester.

With a trusted friend, who’s also a qualified beautician, a person who know’s me well. We had a job to do, a decission had to be made. I was looking to purchase a new skincare range; something I could build my business on. I was looking for something professional, affordable, quality with no frills, natural, which is kind to nature, with a range suitable for everyone’s skin type, something which everyone can believe in..

I had my eye on three potential skincare brands, we decided to visit each product stand together, engage with the sales team individually giving each brand our full attention.

Over lunch we discussed our findings. Too much packaging, too much bling, too many synthetic ingredients, was it kind and evironmental, how the sales staff talked or approached us, how did it smell, did it contain added colouring, glitter, shimmer, fragrance. What was the purpose of the big plastic jewel on the bottle? We were critical, we knew what we wanted, and we had retail, therapist and life experience. We were looking for a professional product range which was affordable, real and authentic.

We asked ourselves Would we buy and use this product?…

Our choice had been made, without a doubt, my new skincare range was now Eve Taylor London, this is why.

Ahead of Its time

  • Simple and stylish packaging, minimal and no fuss. Recycleble containers and delivery packaging which is reusable and compostable.
  • 100% natural essential oil range, with a fabulous stand alone natural aromatherapy skincare range.
  • Training department, product developement team and professional order/information helpline, what more could I wish for.

However on the that day, we both chose Eve Taylor on how we were treat, the information we received and the visual appearance of the team on the stand. Proffessional, no fuss, no grand gestures, respectfully confident of their product, which looked and smelt simply splendid.

We went with our instincts, and I am so pleased we did. See more Eve Taylor

Ask me More

I have now been using and retailing Eve Tayor products for over 10 years, I would and do recommend the range highly. The company is progressive, positive and kind to nature, the collection made from the finest natural ingredients, which work.

  • My treatment range includes holistic, body massage and facials
  • Aromatherapy workshops and personel blends
  • Skincare, aromatherapy home and body care retail
  • Secret Spa retail and pamper events (a great way to try treatments and products with best friends, just like I did)

For more information, to book a treatment, or secret spa event take a look at my website

Val Preston T. 07813662625 E.