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July 2015

Treatment Schedule for Brides

Beautiful clear skin and natural makeup are achievable with a little planning and adjustment to your usual routine. The schedule below is what I would recommend depending on skin type and what treatments are required. Three Months: Plan to have a couple of facial treatments, the last one no later than three weeks before the big day, this removes dry dead skin, unblocks pores also gives your complexion time to… Read More »Treatment Schedule for Brides

Hay Seeds In My Shoes

Where do you start when writing your first blog post! The beginning with grandad Smith. (Harry Smith) He was sent with a pouch of money strapped to his belt with a clear mission to view two farms, make a decision on which he liked best, then ride like the wind back to Keighley. Not to stop and speak to anyone and put the money down on his choice. Harry was… Read More »Hay Seeds In My Shoes