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Witch & Hippy Philosophies

Sparked by a recent conversation with a fellow therapist, both having businesses in the wellbeing industry. We have worked hard to support and to create an educated, well trained, professional, and inclusive experience for those who enjoy the treatments, therapies and workshops we offer. The question often asked, which my friend and I were discussing is “which are you witch or hippy”? This is my attempt to dispel the myths,… Read More »Witch & Hippy Philosophies

Truly Essential Nature Therapy

Truly Essential Nature Therapy Cliffe Castle Park Wellbeing Walking Route Long before COVID 19, in the autumn of 2019 I was asked if I could create a wellness walking route for Bradford Council and the Cliffe Castle Support Group. The ultimate aim being to provide a resource leaflet to encourage visitors to follow a self-guided route, improving mood, wellness and partaking in physical activity. The leaflet was to be distributed… Read More »Truly Essential Nature Therapy

Writing Pictures & Poems

Journaling to me, is keeping a hard copy of your thoughts words and visual interactions. By recording and writing them down, sketching, taking photographs, crafting, collecting and saving. So it’s not a diary, as I first thought! Well not in my world it isn’t. It’s a record of things that make my heart sing, events sights and sounds, thoughtful words and kind actions things that need remembering or developing. I… Read More »Writing Pictures & Poems

Aromatherapy – Therapist to Client Connection

Truly Essential Aromatherapy Self-care Treatment & Blends for IVF I am a qualified aroma & holistic therapist I specialise in taking the whole person and life situation into account when blending essential oils, or offering holistic treatments. With IVF treatment as with many other health and medical conditions one blend or course of treatment doesn’t fit all. A magic bottle or potion cannot be purchased from your local chemist or… Read More »Aromatherapy – Therapist to Client Connection

Ginger Warming Relaxing and Grounding

We approach midwinter, and the days with the shortest daylight hours. This year it has been particularly dark and gloomy with high rainfall, bad visibility and high winds, not inspiring conditions at all. Yes it is wet, cold, dark and gloomy in the winter months, but in December’s defence, that is normal in our part of the world. Many animals hibernate, a self-defence mechanism against the lack of fresh food, dropping… Read More »Ginger Warming Relaxing and Grounding

Rosemary for Love Strength and Remembrance

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic or medical application of aromatic essential oils extracted from plants. It is the controlled application of essential oils which promotes, physical emotional health and well being, through holistic healing. Used for centuries  in many cultures, nowadays a complementary therapy not a cure, but can support conventional treatment for various health and medical conditions. Today we take a closer look at Rosemary the queen of herbs, who… Read More »Rosemary for Love Strength and Remembrance

Massage Your Stress Away

Stressful situations are registered by our brain, this in turn raises our heart and blood pressure, in response muscles tighten and feel tense. Not harmful in the short term, but if the stress is prolonged over weeks, months or years the effects of stress can increase the risk of cold and flu symptoms and a poor immune and digestive system, which have an effect to your overall health and well… Read More »Massage Your Stress Away

Winter Warmer Blend

A warming blend promoting relaxation, which is uplifting fortifying clearing and revitalising. Just what we need as we enter winter the coldest darkest months of the year. This blend can be used in the bath or for massage but my favourite application would be as a room fragrance via a burner, so the fragrance benefits everyone who enters your home giving a comforting hug just when you need it the… Read More »Winter Warmer Blend

Truly Essential Tips – Natural Makeup

It’s All About the Base The secret to a perfect flawless natural makeup is all in the preparation. These are my four favourite products,  sometime I use them all, each has a specific function, so depending on the presenting issue I may only need one item. Smoothing Face Prep – This fantastic primer evens out all skin types I apply with the brush on to the whole face jawline and… Read More »Truly Essential Tips – Natural Makeup