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Rosemary for Love Strength and Remembrance

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic or medical application of aromatic essential oils extracted from plants. It is the controlled application of essential oils which promotes, physical emotional health and well being, through holistic healing. Used for centuries  in many cultures, nowadays a complementary therapy not a cure, but can support conventional treatment for various health and medical conditions.

Today we take a closer look at Rosemary the queen of herbs, who was considered sacred by ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilisations.

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Rosemary for Strength in Love Friendship and Remembrance.

Love – symbol of fidelity, often worn in garlands by brides in their hair and grooms who had sprigs of Rosemary pinned to their chest garments.

Strength –  clears the head and boosts brain activity, improves the immune system especially the respiratory tract, reduces stress anxiety and depression.

Remembrance – the oil, traditionally burnt at funerals and weddings, and rosemary sprigs  scattered on graves. Symbol of friendship and love and a reminder of love and loss. Its uplifting clearing fragrance giving strength, when needed the most.

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My posy contains Rosemary and Lavender sprigs, the fragrance sharp,  natural and very appealing the blend uplifting and healing.

Just perfect to lift the spirits and…

  • Boost the immune system
  • Clear brain fog, brain and nerve tonic.
  • Remedy for stress, fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression and low mood.
  • Lifts the spirits and renews mental energy.
  • Anti- inflammatory, relieves sprains strains and swollen joints.
  • Hair strengthener and tonic.
  • Breathe easy with Rosemary which relieves, coughs, colds, flu symptoms and ailments of the respiratory system and chest.
  • Fabulous to use as a massage blend to relieve tight muscle tension.


Essential oils Available

Rosemary 10 ml £7.22 (avoid in pregnancy or if epileptic or have high blood pressure.)

French Lavender 10 ml 7.82

Live Laugh Love shot glass £5.00 each, fill with flowers or your favourite tipple enjoy with good company friends and family, all proceeds go to #BoosLegacy.

Never ingest and always use essential oils diluted in a carrier oil, add a few drops in the bath, in a burner or atomiser.

Rosemary offers huge benefits to overall health and is one of the most hardworking essential oils in the herb family.

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