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May 2016

Truly Essential Tips – Natural Makeup

It’s All About the Base The secret to a perfect flawless natural makeup is all in the preparation. These are my four favourite products,  sometime I use them all, each has a specific function, so depending on the presenting issue I may only need one item. Smoothing Face Prep – This fantastic primer evens out all skin types I apply with the brush on to the whole face jawline and… Read More »Truly Essential Tips – Natural Makeup

Geranium Essential Oil

In aromatherapy we use the essential oil of Geranium pelargonium, also known as rose-scented geranium, there are over two hundred species of geranium. This evergreen perennial is actually native to the southern region of Africa, but has been exported throughout the world as popular garden plant, also as a medicinal herb. Oil of Geranium flower is also highly sought after for its health benefits. Geranium flower have five petals, the leaves are the… Read More »Geranium Essential Oil