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Massage Your Stress Away


Stressful situations are registered by our brain, this in turn raises our heart and blood pressure, in response muscles tighten and feel tense.

Not harmful in the short term, but if the stress is prolonged over weeks, months or years the effects of stress can increase the risk of cold and flu symptoms and a poor immune and digestive system, which have an effect to your overall health and well being.

Having a regular massage helps to restore the normal balance to the digestion and immune system, its like having a mini work out session for your muscles too giving a toning effect, increasing blood circulation and removal of toxins through your lymphatic system.

Relaxing soothing and calming both mind and body, massage relieves your stress symptoms benefiting and managing conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety.  The calming effect of massage also helps you shift your thoughts, you also feel more in control of your health, by relieving muscle tension, also reducing stress related aches and pains in joints and muscles including relieving  tension headaches.

I like to think having a massage as a preventative measure, often reducing the effects of stress, a positive balancing effect on our well being a focus point and definitely something to look forward to.

Relax and unwind tired muscles and minds, find your favourite massage therapy at