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Winter Warmer Blend

Winter Warmer
Revitalizing – Uplifting – Comforting

A warming blend promoting relaxation, which is uplifting fortifying clearing and revitalising. Just what we need as we enter winter the coldest darkest months of the year. This blend can be used in the bath or for massage but my favourite application would be as a room fragrance via a burner, so the fragrance benefits everyone who enters your home giving a comforting hug just when you need it the most.



The first hit is a wonderful citrus blast from lime, both refreshing and uplifting which helps to relieve feelings of fatigue apathy and depression.

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Eucalyptus the body of the fragrance works hard in this blend delivering healing antibacterial and decongestant qualities. Ensuring your head is refreshed and cleared perfect help aimed at relieving headaches and respiratory ailments, refreshing and clearing your home too.

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Lastly Ginger a strengthening winter warmer for the body and emotions, warms tired muscles and minds stimulating, comforting and fortifying using ginger will help to blow away the winter blues and helps sufferers of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

I have used a equal amounts of all three essential oils which is 3 drops of each in a ceramic burner however a small bowl of water placed on a radiator can also be used to disperse the fragrance gently.

Enjoy this this zingy refreshing uplifting blend its certainly not frumpy or downhearted.