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Truly Essential Tips – Natural Makeup

It’s All About the Base The secret to a perfect flawless natural makeup is all in the preparation. These are my four favourite products,  sometime I use them all, each has a specific function, so depending on the presenting issue I may only need one item. Smoothing Face Prep – This fantastic primer evens out all skin types I apply with the brush on to the whole face jawline and… Read More »Truly Essential Tips – Natural Makeup

Geranium Essential Oil

In aromatherapy we use the essential oil of Geranium pelargonium, also known as rose-scented geranium, there are over two hundred species of geranium. This evergreen perennial is actually native to the southern region of Africa, but has been exported throughout the world as popular garden plant, also as a medicinal herb. Oil of Geranium flower is also highly sought after for its health benefits. Geranium flower have five petals, the leaves are the… Read More »Geranium Essential Oil


Truly Essential Holistic & Beauty Therapist What inspires me! How did I get here! Who helped me.. Holistic skin care organic Natural healing make-up stress & sleep Your space well-being bea… Source: About

Truly Essential Peace

  The ancient Greeks are thought to be the first to use ear candles for cleansing and purifying and also for spiritual healing. This practice then migrated to America, where the Native American Indians of North Arizona used it widely to treat and heal, mainly by Shamen healers. The candles are still made today on the basis of the old traditional formula which originates from the Native American Indians. Ear Candling is a deeply… Read More »Truly Essential Peace

Hubble Bubble with Beeswax

Hubble Bubble Lip Salve I was brought up gathering wildflowers herbs berries from a very young age usually to make jams, preserves, pies, syrups, Christmas decorations, cards, book marks, the list is endless. Looking for natural remedies has just been a natural step, using essential oils for health, beauty and around the home is just a perfect option to me. I also keep bees, apart from the honey the bees… Read More »Hubble Bubble with Beeswax

The Buzz on Borage Benefits to Bees and Beauty

My friend Susan sent me this wonderful image of a bee collecting pollen from a borage flower in her garden. A very special garden indeed as she owns The Yorkshire Dales Flower Company, personally growing flowers for bridal bouquets and floral displays for any occasion. Inspiration indeed to take a closer look at this very beneficial plant borage (Borago Officinalis) offering beauty benefits to us and vital forage to bees. The… Read More »The Buzz on Borage Benefits to Bees and Beauty

Bracken and Bramble

Bracken and Bramble Walking in the countryside is a great way to explore nature, the dales are abundant in wildlife and flowers, rewarding for nature lovers of all ages. One of my favourite pastimes as a young child was many hours spent collecting and pressing wild meadow flowers, later as a teenager I developed my interest and studied rural science which broadened my knowledge. It wasn’t until very much later… Read More »Bracken and Bramble

The Power of Pamper

A few years of suffering with recurrent back and neck problems brought on with bad posture a trapped nerve, stress and tension due to my occupation as a beautician, almost stopping me from perusing the career I loved. Previous treatment included physiotherapy and neck traction, as the persistent problems recurred I began to recognise the onset of my condition; I thought I would strike whilst the iron was hot, so… Read More »The Power of Pamper

Treatment Schedule for Brides

Beautiful clear skin and natural makeup are achievable with a little planning and adjustment to your usual routine. The schedule below is what I would recommend depending on skin type and what treatments are required. Three Months: Plan to have a couple of facial treatments, the last one no later than three weeks before the big day, this removes dry dead skin, unblocks pores also gives your complexion time to… Read More »Treatment Schedule for Brides

Hay Seeds In My Shoes

Where do you start when writing your first blog post! The beginning with grandad Smith. (Harry Smith) He was sent with a pouch of money strapped to his belt with a clear mission to view two farms, make a decision on which he liked best, then ride like the wind back to Keighley. Not to stop and speak to anyone and put the money down on his choice. Harry was… Read More »Hay Seeds In My Shoes