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The Power of Pamper

A few years of suffering with recurrent back and neck problems brought on with bad posture a trapped nerve, stress and tension due to my occupation as a beautician, almost stopping me from perusing the career I loved. Previous treatment included physiotherapy and neck traction, as the persistent problems recurred I began to recognise the onset of my condition; I thought I would strike whilst the iron was hot, so once again a visit to the doctor was required.

This time I didn’t see my usual doctor, I saw a young doctor straight from completing his medical training. Who after reading my notes and examining my back and neck said? “What you need is a good massage”. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather!

Refreshed by this revelation I proceeded to do just that, and I haven’t stopped since. Once a month I have a massage, so indeed I practice what I preach, which alleviates the build up of tension and acute muscular fatigue which was causing my physical symptoms. By correcting my posture and following the exercise routine given to me by the physiotherapist, it works well for me, with no further doctor’s appointments necessary.

At this point in my career I had trained as a hairdresser, beautician and aromatherapist but now with my inquisitive nature and the need to know more following my renewed physical state decided to improve my massage techniques and knowledge. This catalyst encouraged my holistic training Indian head, hot stone, lymphatic and Thai massage all different in their application and targeted result.

Some think beauty is only skin deep, pampering treatments superficial and unnecessary. There are studies proving just how beneficial beauty and pamper treatments are to the wellbeing of both men and women alike, working well along side conventional methods of treatment.

Massage is a stand alone treatment and is very beneficial when stress management relaxation is required, I would always advise to seek professional medical advice prior to any treatment when physical symptoms are evident or persist. Below is a summary of massage treatments I am trained and qualified to do, highlighting the benefits of all types of massage I am sure there is one to suit you.

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

An hour’s full body or a half an hour’s back massage tailored to your requirements helps with muscle tension and over use, deeply relaxing. Great for muscle fatigue and tension specific areas can be isolated, a wonderful starting treatment for anyone who hasn’t had a massage before.

Aromatherapy Massage

Healing massage therapy using an oil blend containing essential plant oils, which have a positive effect on the blood circulation. Oils enter and leave the body leaving no toxins behind, regulating and healing along the way. Specific oils can be chosen for their mental or physical effect.

Indian Head Massage

A wonderful relaxing massage to the upper back shoulders neck scalp and face, which helps to reduce, stresses strains and toxins from your system. Clients sit in an upright position wearing comfortable clothing. Ideal for sufferers of stress, tension, headaches, migraine, sinus and lymph are encouraged to drain during this massage.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment gives a truly physical application while leaving you with a feeling of tranquillity, relaxing the body to its deepest level. Using a combination of Swedish massage techniques, aromatherapy blended oil, placing and massage, using heated basalt stones. This treatment gives a deep tissue massage which can identify problem areas. Benefits overworked muscles; the heat promotes deep relaxation a perfect treatment to unwind, mind, body and spirit.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic system is responsible for the production of antibodies for the immune system; this massage technique improves the environment boosting resistance to infection, aiding recovery from cell and tissue damage. Ideal for combating fluid retention reduces waste, water and poisons trapped in the skins cells, encouraging a full body detox.

Slow steady rhythmic movements promote relaxation, in turn the blood and lymph vessels are stimulated and waste production is increased resulting in the drainage of excess fluid. Lymph drainage massage is ideal to help reduce fluid retention by aiding the removal of excess water trapped in the tissue.

Acne, congested skin, eczema, allergies, cellulite, fluid retention, swollen ankles, fatigued legs, migraine, sinusitis, premenstrual symptoms, all benefit from this treatment.

Thai Massage

Thai massage helps to reaffirm the body’s natural posture by gentle stretching and lengthening of muscles and opening tight joints. Massage techniques using deep stretching and rhythmic compression of energy points and lines.

This treatment will leave you feeling stretched, refreshed and balanced, giving a calming healing effect relieving excess energy and increasing positive energy flow, and also maintaining well-being.

Val Preston