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A Truly Essential – July

“So you want to be different, just be yourself”

Val Preston

Calm Before the Storm

The first week of July as been quite relaxing and calm. I have restocked my skincare and waxing supplies. Preparing myself for what lies a head, only two weeks until the schools break for summer and the holiday which is a very busy period for Truly Essential.

Preparation & Protection

Two great pieces of skincare advice for this time of year are.

Prepare your skin by removing dead dry skin with a body exfoliator or body brush. This ensures the moisturising products you use, get to where they are needed and are not wasted on dead dry skin. This ensues less product is used and it works more efficently.

Protect your skin in the sun use an SPF regularly, wear a hat and sunglasses seek shade and cover up.

My Eve Taylor and Mii Cosmetics both have products with spf protection. I have them instock all year round.

“Did you know the sun is the main factor for premature skin aging, it is also dehydrating, causes colour irregularities and fine lines and wrinkles”.

Val Preston

Bees & Beauty

This week has been #BeesNeedsWeek I talked to and answered questions from visitors at the observation hive at Cliffe castle Museum Keighley.

Did you know that bees do a dance to ask other bees to give them a massage!

I also do talks to local groups about why I keep bees and the connection with natural beauty treatments and products


Hydration and the Heat Wave

Oh my how have you all coped?

I have never drunk so much water and herbal tea. Working in the heatwave has been a struggle..

I did make some lavender water from fresh lavender from my garden. The distilled fragranced water was very useful, and helped to keep me cool especially at night.

Easy to use too, spray it on the nape of your neck or just about anywhere, and let it evaporate. Lavender is also a natural insect repellent, so it keeps those pesky flys at bay.

Here’s another great way to use Lavender, it’s a fabulous way to help sleep in hot weather.

Give Back to Nature

Please take a look at my group GiveBacktoNature highlighting local events, businesses, community projects and individual family activities/ideas in our area, who activly give the environment and wildlife a breathing space.

Please feel free to join the group and share your events and ideas.

My skincare company Eve Taylor also have a similar give back to nature project, for evey bottle of product purchased through my business they will plant one tree.

Truly Essential Holiday makers, clients, secret spa pamperers, product purchasers and those that attend the Tai Chi classes I support. Also the attendees of the HunTun Tai Chi workshop that my Secret Spa retail supported midmonth.

Tonight I check in at my local business networking group SWIFT to catch up with other like-minded local women in business, to catch up, share biz tips and see how their July has been.

Thank you all for a very busy July with many great connections made.

Val Preston – Truly Essential.