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Roses are Red

Our family is growing.

Roses are Red and Truly Wonderful

A rose, is a rose, is a rose. (Gertrude Stein)

They bloom in many colours with a unmistakable fragrance and have many useful properties. Being  the nations favourite flower, worn as emblems, given as love tokens and in the past battles have been fought in their name.

Bees love the traditional old and wild original species, like the wild dog rose, which has a single flower producing pollen and nectar, therefore are not sterile. Due to the single layer of petals, the pollen and nectar is easily extracted by most species of bee.

Care must be taken when planting the new double-headed varieties these types look and smell glorious with layers of silky soft intertwined petals, but have little or no pollen and nectar. So are useless to bees, and honey production in a pollinator garden.

I love roses in my pollinator garden, and have planted some rambling and climber varieties with single-headed blooms, I also have a couple of dog roses hidden in there too.  Scattered amongst the herbs, perennials and shrubs I have planted several English roses, old-fashioned large blooms, floribunda and hybrid tea roses, which are dispersed to add fragrance colour and because I like them.

My granddad had an amazing rose garden, which was full of every colour rose imaginable, I remember walking through the lines of  rose bushes, disturbing the petals which would blow in the wind and drop to the ground sending up the most amazing fragrance as I passed, including bumblebees and butterflies.


Roses are Connected to your Heart

Did you know, to ensure a good harvest of rose flowers in your summer garden, cut back the old roses on the 14th February.

Rose quartz, is a beautiful pale pink crystal, it allows love to flow in to your home, it is also the stone for the heart chakra. Also know as the beauty stone, bringing peace and harmony to those you love, family members and relationships. Carry a small piece of rose quarts in your pocket  to promote self-care and kindness. Good for creativity and imagination, its calming the mind, aides female energies, romance, promotes beauty, and youthfulness, helps with feelings of stress, guilt, grief.


Rose Essential Oil and Aromatherapy

The queen of flowers she certainly is, rose otto is one of the most expensive essential oils to buy, however there are other varieties available, some are diluted in a carrier oil so be aware when purchasing.

She is a great antidepressant, tonic, sedative and aphrodisiac amongst other things. Rose essential oil is a ladies oil with its wonderful familiar aroma it is  used to relieve the symptoms of grief and loss, postnatal depression and affairs of the heart, it’s also a very useful skin care tonic especially for dry mature or sensitive skin types. It soothes the heart and lifts the spirits.



Try this totally luxurious truly essential night oil blend

Rose 2 drops – jasmine 1 drop – frankincense 2 drops add to  10 ml Sweet almond oil

Cleanse and tone skin, apply oil blend to palms of hand gentle warm in palms, then press palms on cheeks, forehead, neck and chest area, massage  with sweeping upward movements.

Feeling Inspired

I hope you have found value in this blog, using rose essential oil doesnt have to be out of reach, there are many products available which are authentic and contain affordable, quality blended ingredients.

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